arp – LAN communication drawback in a multi-AP wi-fi surroundings

2 wi-fi APs PLC-connected to the ISP’s modem-router-switch equipment, appearing as an AP too, therefore 3 wi-fi APs.

Going on the web works nicely, however in relation to, say, printing, that’s one other story, it appears solely the units related to the identical AP because the printer (which is mostly the ISP’s AP) can print, others usually can’t : ARP requests from the submitter give no outcome, and even when it does, connection usually instances out.

Fwiw, the PLC wi-fi APs, are Devolo dLAN 550 WiFi, related to a Devolo dLAN 550 duo+, that’s itself related to the ISP equipment’s ethernet change.

I would really like units on totally different APs to have the ability to talk correctly, or at the least talk with the printer. Any recommendation on obtain this ?


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