routing – pfSense: Route visitors from one IPSec (A->B) to a different (B->C)

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  • Website B runs a pfSense occasion
  • Website B has a IPSec Reference to Website C
  • Website C section 2 is configured to permit visitors from to
  • We route visitors from our utility operating on a VM on identical community with ip to to pfSense (WAN is That is performed utilizing AWS’s Route tables
  • That is working nice, and we will ship visitors from our utility to

Now, we need to transfer this utility from web site B to web site A.

  • Website B has a IPSec Reference to Website A
  • Website A is configured to route any visitors to to web site B by way of estabilished IPSec Tunnel

Now I’m struggling to configure pfSense to route this visitors it receives from web site A over to web site C in a method that’s fully clear to web site C. This fashion we will migrate our utility with out participating with Website C community managers to determine a brand new IPSec immediately between web site A / web site C

I might actually recognize any ideas or tips that could articles on how to do that. thanks!


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