3D Printing Information Unpeeled: XYZPrinting, POM and OPT – 3DPrint.com

At this time we’re 3D printing brushes, biofilms and POM. XYZprinting is showcasing its SLS MfgPro236 xS Powder Mattress Fusion machine of which it has bought 4 to Jawstec. Japanese polymer firm Polyplastics is releasing its POM filament for Materials Extrusion, which regardless of excessive crystallinity and speedy charge of crystallization, it says comes near the efficiency of injection molded components, Isaak Thornton and Kathryn Zimlich of Montana State College’s Middle for Biofilm Engineering develop a manner of 3D printing biofilms to raised examine micro organism. And OPT Designs Brush Mat for the The Industrial Brush Firm for conveyancing mats.


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