networking – Do 5G base Station have an IP tackle

I need to perceive that if I’ve a primary 5G infrastructure like laptop—(ethernet)—5G cell Hotspot(Inseego)—(wi-fi)—5G cell(MECSware campus)—Core Within the above structure if I’ve a laptop computer that’s linked to the 5G inseego system which accommodates a sim and the sim is linked to the 5G cell. The cell is additional linked to the core. Now my query is principally whereas I’m attempting to determine the latency between the laptop computer and every node, the 5G cell ( which is act as an indoor base station) Ip tackle shouldn’t be in a position to ping. And when I attempt to tracert to google then after inseego the core IP is proven. So I’m confused with the 5G cell understanding, does the 5G cell has an IP, and do the 5G cell assign the IP to the inseego or the core? I additionally connect the 5G structure diagram Architectarchitect


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