Lightning strikes to buildings and earthing methods

When lightning strikes an air terminal of a lightning safety system on high of a constructing the high-frequency currents move downwards alongside the interconnected conductors.

The currents which move alongside the conductors are referred to as longitudinal currents and these exist in each the above- and beneath floor conductors. As present flows alongside the conductors within the community a voltage rise happens which is most on the air terminal location and is attenuated alongside the conductors since like all electrical conductor, the conductors exhibit impedance to the move {of electrical} present. As soon as the currents attain the buried earthing they’re leaked into the bottom, known as leakage currents, which will depend on the collection and mutual impedances between the conductors within the soil.

The high-frequency currents as they’re dissipated create a possible rise within the surrounding soil leading to floor voltages, in addition to contact or step voltages hazards.


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