Earthing System Varieties Defined – ELEK Software program

Essentially the most vital menace dealing with an individual involving earthing techniques is the chance of ventricular fibrillation resulting from present stream within the coronary heart. This relies on an individual’s physiology, length of present stream, quantity of present and whether or not the present will intervene with the individuals coronary heart cycle. Particulars in regards to the chances associated to the consequences of present on the human coronary heart and coronary heart/physique impedance will be present in IEC 60479 [4].

Reaching negligible hazard ranges is never attainable. Willpower of the hazard stage is said to the chance of fibrillation and the utilization of chance calculations as detailed in IEC 60479.

If hazards can’t be decreased, threat evaluation have to be employed. This could embody the prevalence price and length of faults, together with the frequency and length of contact for an individual on-site. Danger mitigation ought to be utilized as fairly practicable, the place the associated fee just isn’t grossly disproportionate to the profit gained.


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