IoT LoRa Sensor Module and Gateway – Open Electronics

Have you ever ever needed to know the temperature of your private home wherever on the earth? Do you wish to add a operate to your climate station or monitor the air in your workshop? Let’s check out this undertaking!

The system consists of a sensor module that measures varied environmental variables, which sends its measurements through LoRa to a gateway module, which in flip sends its information to the Web.

The Sensor Module makes use of an Arduino UNO whereas the gateway a NodeMCU, which includes an ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller. WiFi is used right here to attach the Gateway to the Web, because of the house router.

An air high quality sensor and a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor might be used. If you’d like information with better precision and determination or with a temperature vary that falls beneath 0°C, simply use a DHT22 sensor by modifying just one line of the code.

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