Twin output PWM controllers for area shun radiation

TPS7H5001-SP block

Each can function throughout 100kHz to 2MHz and with exterior synchronisation, and can work with silicon or GaN energy transistors by way of appropriate drivers. Each embrace a 0.613V +0.7%/-1% reference.

TPS7H5005-SEP packageTPS7H5005-SEP is the radiation-tolerant half

  • SEL, SEB, and SEGR resistant to LET = 43MeVcm2/mg
  • SET and SEFI characterised to LET = 43 MeVcm2/mg
  • TID assured for each wafer lot as much as 50krad(Si)
  • 24pin space-grade plastic TSSOP
    Au bondwire and NiPdAu lead end
    Meets NASA ASTM E595 out-gassing
    One fabrication, meeting, and take a look at website
    Prolonged product change notification

TPS7H5001-SP packageTPS7H5001-SP is the radiation-hardened half

  • RHA (radiation hardness assured) to TID 100krad(Si)
  • SEL, SEB, and SEGR resistant to LET = 75MeVcm2/mg
  • SET and SEFI characterised to LET = 75MeVcm2/mg
  • No cross-conduction occasions for controller outputs noticed throughout SET characterisation
  • Thermally-enhanced CFP

TPS7H5005-SEP appEach controllers have a pair of anti-phase non-overlapping outputs with managed dead-time, plus a pair of synchronised outputs to drive synchronous rectifiers – 4 outputs whole for every IC.

For single-ended converter topologies, they permit management over most obligation cycle.

Different options embrace: programmable slope compensation, soft-start and programmable vanguard clean time.

Potential functions embrace high-current buck converters for
FPGA core voltages.

Each of the above are the fully-featured gadgets in households generically named TPS7H500x-S(E)P


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