web – What would realistically occur if all submarine communication cables could be severed?

I used to be not fairly certain whether or not this query was higher fitted to ServerFault or NetworkEngineering, however because it regards an occasion on the {hardware} degree, I hope that is the precise stack change.

My query is: What could be a sensible fallout prognosis of all submarine communication cables being severed, each for Europe in addition to the U.S.?

The background for the query is sadly political, however I do know that Russia is among the few nations that has a nation-wide intranet, which it examined in 2021 (https://www.reuters.com/expertise/russia-disconnected-global-internet-tests-rbc-daily-2021-07-22/). Latest occasions like Nordstream 2 and the severage of cables between UK fundamental land and the Shetland islands, which rendered all emergency telecommunications companies on the islands inoperable, make it an apparent concern that within the case of a direct battle between Russia and NATO, Russia may assault these submarine cables, and whereas the Russian infrastructure would doubtless proceed to perform because it was ready for this, what would realistically be the results to be anticipated within the EU and the US? What would proceed to perform and what wouldn’t?

That is clearly a really tough query to reply however I assume this stackexchange might need essentially the most skilled information on the subject material to supply wise solutions.


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