Getting error “the required gateway ip tackle will not be legitimate” when attempting to arrange a static route on Linksys mesh router

I am attempting to arrange a static route on a Linksys mesh router (WHWO3V2) and both I do not perceive what I am doing (doable), or the validation script is unhealthy/fallacious.

Community Particulars:
The LAN (wired) IP house is 172.16.20.x
The LAN IP gateway is

The Wifi router’s IP is
The Wifi’s inside IP house is 172.16.21.x

The static route needs to be (if I perceive it)

  • Vacation spot IP tackle (no errors right here)
  • Subnet Masks: (no errors right here)
  • Gateway: (error: the required gateway IP tackle will not be legitimate)
  • Interface: LAN/Wi-fi

Nonetheless, as you may see from the 2nd image, there’s a JavaScript pop up that provides me the error “The required gateway IP tackle will not be legitimate”. There would not appear to be any computation occurring to generate this error as there is no such thing as a lag once I hit “save” (hidden behind the error) and the error.

What I’ve tried:

  • Utilizing because the Vacation spot IP addressed
  • Utilizing because the Gateway
  • Mixtures of each issues above
  • Making an attempt to go the error by typing varied IP addresses akin to,,, and plenty of random IP addresses within the 172.16.20.x IP vary.

This should not be this tough, so one thing is unquestionably fallacious. I chatted with Linksys tech help and so they had been, stunned Pikachu, not useful.

This is the Configuration parameter from the Troubleshooting/Reports link

The error


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