vpn – Wireguard over TCP tunnel at 443 port, blocked ports bypassing, resolution for OpenWRT

I am dealing with an issue – I want to join many embedded units with OpenWRT to my Wireguard server, however all of the ports besides 80, 443 and a few others are blocked. Furthermore solely TCP is allowed in community.

It looks as if I have to tunnel Wireguard which is UDP, into TCP. On my server i want to use sslh(port sharing) service to run HTTPS server and tunnel for wireguard concurrently on 443(or different allowed by firewall) port.
I want to have multiuser succesful tunnel, so I believe fast socat hacks is not going to work for extra purchasers.

What I’ve executed already?
I attempted wireguard-proxy, it really works completely with port sharing over SSLH however it’s written in Rust, and I cant deploy it on openwrt(i attempted, and received compiling errors).
I examined additionally udp2raw, and it additionally works effectively on devoted port, however I can not connect with it when utilizing SSLH port multiplexer.

What I am searching for?
Some tunneling software program written in C/C++ that I can crosscompile in OpenWRT construct system, and use with my modded community units.


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